SQL ORDER BY Descending

The SQL ORDER BY DESC is used to sort records in the result set in descending order. In order to sort the data in descending order, you should use the DESC modifier after the ORDER BY clause. Syntax SELECT expressions … Read more »

SQL ORDER BY Ascending

The SQL ORDER BY ASC is used to sort records in the result set in ascending order. This is the default behavior of most of the databases. That means if you miss the ASC keyword after the ORDER BY clause, … Read more »


The SQL ORDER BY clause used to sort records in the result set in either ascending or descending order based on one or more columns. Most of the databases sort the result set in ascending order by default. SQL ORDER … Read more »


The SQL WITH Clause is used to create subquery block which can be referred in the main SQL statement many times. This clause has been introduced by the ORACLE from there 9i release2 version. SQL WITH Clause Syntax The syntax … Read more »

SQL AND and OR clauses

SQL AND & OR clauses are used to combine multiple conditions to filter out the records in an SQL statement. These two operators are called as the conjunctive operators.  These operators can be combined to test multiple conditions in SELECT, … Read more »


The SQL WHERE clause is used to filter records during selecting records from one or more tables in SQL. If the condition specified in the WHERE clause matches then only the SQL query returns the specific value. You can use … Read more »


What is NULL in SQL? NULL denotes missing or unknown. SQL NULL refers missing or unknown value in a column of a table. Note that zero (‘0’) and NULL are not same, they are completely different. Regarding NULL there could … Read more »


Learning Objective: In this SQL tutorial, you will learn how to use SQL SELECT SUM function with syntax and examples. The SQL SELECT SUM function is used to return sum of the expression mentioned in the SELECT statement. Syntax The … Read more »


SQL SELECT DATE is used to retrieve date from the database. If you want to check any date from any database, you can use this statement.  SQL SELECT DATE Syntax Let’s see an example where we want to get all … Read more »

SQL SELECT from Multiple Tables

It’s very common need to select data from more than one tables in SQL. In this tutorial, we will check how to select data from the multiple tables with syntax and examples. SQL Joins are used to get data from … Read more »