ABS Function in Teradata

ABS function calculates the absolute value of a given value. ABS Function in Teradata Syntax ABS(number_value) ABS Function in Teradata Example SELECT ABS(10); Output: 10 SELECT ABS(-10); Output: 10 SELECT ABS(+10) Output: 10 Teradata ABS function converts the negative value … Read more »

Teradata Identity Column

The identity column in a table defines a column that generates the value automatically once you define that column as Identity. You do not require to insert any values explicitly for the Identity column. Teradata itself takes care of the … Read more »

SUBSTR in Teradata

SUBSTR or SUBSTRING function works same in Teradata. Only the syntax is different. Syntax: SUBSTR ( <column-name>, <start-location> [ , <length> ] ) Example: SELECT SUBSTR(‘TeradataPoint’, 4 , 4), SUBSTR(‘TeradataPoint’, 2 , 6), SUBSTR(‘TeradataPoint’, 8 , 4), SUBSTR(‘TeradataPoint’, 4 , … Read more »

Teradata Subquery

Teradata subquery is basically a SELET query within a query. The SELECT query called as inner query executed first and the outer query uses the result from the subquery. Below are the some of the features of the subquery. A … Read more »

Concatenation Operator || in Teradata

Concatenation Operation in Teradata joins two strings provided inside the single quote. Concatenation operator works similar to CONCAT function. This operator mainly used in the SELECT statement. Concatenation is the process of combining two or more column into one single … Read more »

Teradata TOP Function

The TOP function is used to produce ‘N’ rows from the table based on specific criteria. Also it produces The TOP N percentage of row from the table. All the identical values if WITH TIES option is used with sorting … Read more »

Teradata Sample Function

The Teradata SAMPLE function returns some specific amount of data from a table or view. It can be used when a smaller or more manageable data is desirable than the entire set of data from the table. Teradata Sample Function … Read more »

Teradata BETWEEN Date

The Between operator in Teradata can be used to filter the result-set for the date type columns as well. The date column can have dates in various formats. Teradata Between DATE syntax The general syntax for Teradata Between date is … Read more »

Teradata DATE Format

Teradata DATE format function converts the default date format as per the user requirements. For ANSI date format, by default Teradata follows DATE format as ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ and for IntegerDate Teradata follows date format as ‘YY/MM/DD’.  The DATE format function can … Read more »

Teradata Date/Time Function

Date and time function one of the most important function in Teradata. So we need to understand the concept very clearly. Keywords related to the Date and Time SELECT DATE AS “DATE” ,CURRENT_DATE AS “ANSI DATE” ,TIME AS “TIME” ,CURRENT_TIME … Read more »