SQL Keywords

SQL Keywords are the reserved words that are used to perform various operations in the database. These Keywords are case insensitive. For example, SELECT and select has the same meaning in SQL. List of SQL Keywords The available SQL Keywords … Read more »

SQL Expressions

SQL Expressions are combination of one or more values, operators and SQL functions that evaluate to a value. These SQL EXPRESSIONs are similar to a formula and they are written in query language. You can also use them to query … Read more »

SQL Syntax

Learning Objective: In this tutorial, you will learn about SQL Syntax. SQL language follows some set of rules and guidelines called syntax. The aim of this tutorial is to give you basic idea about the SQL syntax. All the SQL … Read more »

SQL Operators

SQL Operators are the reserve keywords, characters or symbols which are mainly used along with the WHERE clause to perform operations such as comparisons and arithmetic operations. These reserve keywords, characters or symbols are known as operators. These operators are … Read more »

SQL Data Types

SQL Data Types denotes the type of data that can be stored in a table column. Each column in a table is associated with a data type. For example, for storing integer types data in a column, you need to … Read more »

List of all dbc tables in Teradata

The below query list all the dbc tables in Teradata. Query to list all the dbc tables in Teradata SELECT DatabaseName, TableName, CreateTimeStamp, LastAlterTimeStamp FROM DBC.TablesV WHERE TableKind = ‘T’ and DatabaseName = ‘DBC’ ORDER BY TableName; Here, DatabaseName – … Read more »

How to Check Teradata Database Release and Version

DBC.DBCINFO table in Teradata will have all the related information related to the Teradata release and version. You can check Teradata Database Release and Version using the following query. select * from dbc.dbcinfo; Here, dbc – Database computer. dbcinfo – … Read more »

Changing the screen width in Teradata BTEQ

The default width in Teradata BTEQ setting display maximum of 75 characters in a single line. If we need to display more than 75 characters in a single line, we can set the width of the screen in Teradata BTEQ. … Read more »

Teradata Interview Questions

1. What is Master Index and Cylinder Index? Teradata uses logical address system, unlike other DBMS which are physical address system. This allows Teradata to locate the data easily if the data gets reallocated or de-fragmented. Master Index and Cylinder … Read more »

INSTR in Teradata

INSTR in Teradata is used to get the position of a search string in source string.  Syntax: select instr( source_string, search_string [,position[,occurrence]]) Example: SELECT INSTR(‘choose a chocolate chip cookie’,’ch’,2,2); The above query will return 20, indicating the position of string … Read more »