The DROP TABLE statement removes an existing table along with data and table structure from the Teradata database. It removes the table structure from the data dictionary. As a result of the drop table, the table structure along with the data will be lost permanently.

Once a table is dropped, then the table cannot be recovered. So make sure, you are in the correct database before dropping a table.

Teradata DROP TABLE syntax

The syntax for Teradata DROP TABLE is as follows.

DROP TABLE database_name.tbl_name;


  • database_name – The name of the parent database where the table resides.
  • tbl_name – The name of the table you want to drop.

Note:- You should have DROP privileges on the table in order to drop the table.

Teradata DROP TABLE Example

You can drop a Teradata table in two ways.

Option 1:

The following statement drops the student table from the Teradatapoint database. Here, we are providing a fully qualified table name i.e. table name along with the database name.

DROP TABLE Teradatapoint.student;

Option 2:

Here we are first selecting the owner database and then issuing the DROP DATABASE statement.

DATABASE Teradatapoint;
DROP TABLE student;

The same table name can be present in different databases. So, we need to make sure that we have selected the correct database before executing the DROP TABLE statement.