Teradata FastLoad – Part 4

FastLoad Commands:-

Teradata FastLoad commands can be divided into two types –

Session control commands:-

 LOGON  Begins one or more FastLoad session
 LOGOFF/QUIT  Ends FastLoad sessions and terminate Teradata FastLoad
 SESSIONS  Specifies the number of Teradata FastLoad sessions to be logged on  into Teradata system
 OS  Enters client operating system commands
 SLEEP  Specifies the number of minutes Teradata FastLoad pauses before  retrying for a logon operation
 TENACITY  There may be situation like FastLoad is not able to obtain all the  sessions required by it. TENACITY specifies the numbers  of hours it will  retry to obtain the sessions.By default is “no tenacity”; That means it will  not retry at all.
 NOTIFY  It is used to inform job when any significant event occurs so that the job  can perform some others activities.

Data handling commands:-

 SET RECORD This commands is only used in the network attached system. It specifies the data format of the incoming records. Data format can be – Formatted, Unformatted, Binary, Text, Variable-length text
 RECORD Specifies the beginning record number and/or the end record number of the input data source
 BEGIN LOADING Specifies the name of the target table name in which data is going to load. Also we can specify name of the two error tables
 END LOADING Used to inform Teradata that all the records have been sent
 AXSMOD Specifies the name of the access module (e.g. OLE DB on windows platform) file to be used to import data on network-attached client systems
 ERRLIMIT Limits the numbers of error records during loading of FastLoad job. FastLoad aborts once the limit is reached
 DEFINE Specifies each field of an input data record and name of the input data source