The RENAME TABLE statement in Teradata renames an existing table in Teradata.

In order to rename an existing table in Teradata, you must have DROP privileges on the table and CREATE TABLE privileges on its containing database or user.

Teradata RENAME TABLE Syntax

The syntax for Teradata RENAME TABLE is as below.

RENAME TABLE database_name.old_tbl_name to database_name.new_tbl_name;


  • database_name – The name of the database containing the table.
  • old_tbl_name – The name of the existing table.
  • new_tbl_name – The new name for the table you want to keep.

Teradata RENAME TABLE Example

The following statement renames an existing table name student to student_details in the Teradatapoint database.

RENAME TABLE Teradatapoint.student to Teradatapoint.student_details;